Monday, January 11, 2010

PC Magazine Four-Star Review of SafeCentral 2.6

We earned 4 stars in the PC Magazine review of SafeCentral 2.6 that review that appeared on Friday. I am very happy to see the review up on the home page.

The reviewer, Neil J. Rubenking, commends our ease-of-use and the real-time feedback we give users on the safety of their web sessions. Our support for 64-bit platforms, including XP, Vista and Windows 7 was also noted.

One of the "Cons" in the review is the closed nature of the SafeCentral browser. We do not allow any and all browser plugins. We see this as a strong positive. On our work computers we are used to the network admins at our companies limiting what we can install and run, and which websites we visit. We understand that these constraints are necessary to protect company assets. Now is the time for us to recognize that we need to exercise the same control over our home PCs and laptops. When we sign into our bank or online retirement account, we should think and act differently--we have more to protect at this moment that when we are watching the latest funny YouTube video or posting a photo to Facebook.

Just like the iPhone is carefully managed by Apple to ensure the quality and security of iPhone applications, we recognize that browser plugins can introduce additional risks into sensitive web sessions and seek to protect users from those risks. Increased security almost always comes with some impact on usability. With SafeCentral, though, you still can use your regular browser and those Digg and Flickr toolbars to do all your fun stuff. Use SafeCentral for serious web stuff like banking, stock trading and tax filing.