Monday, September 14, 2009

High-level Attention on the Growing Cyber Crime Threat

A couple of weeks ago we warned that small businesses and local governments are being ripped off by online thieves who have learned to tap into commercial bank accounts by infecting computers with crimeware.

Yesterday, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs met to hear from government and industry experts on the growing threat of cyber-crime targeting small- and medium-sized businesses. In his opening remarks, Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman focused the hearing with the question: "What can be done by the public and private sectors to make commercial cyberspace secure, especially for organizations that can’t afford to have large IT staffs on the job 24/7?"

“The latest targets of cybercrime are small- and medium-sized businesses." Senator Joseph Lieberman

He went on to cite the same recent thefts from small businesses and local governments we talked about in this blog a couple of weeks ago. You can check out the hearing yourself: Cyber Attacks: Protecting Industry Against Growing Threats.

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