Thursday, October 2, 2008

Infection Happens: What then?

There's been a lot of attention lately to a class of products defined as "sandboxes", which attempt to prevent malware from seeping onto a user's computer by establishing a virtual layer that internet data must traverse before reaching the 'host' machine's OS. These products offer a reasonable level of protection from infection, but don't effectively prevent the activities of malware already present on your machine.

I'll let you in on a little secret: INFECTION HAPPENS. Much like the comical bumper sticker about feces, this is just another fact of life: infection happens. Authentium has been in the anti-malware industry for over 20 years, and makes one of the most effective and efficient AVSDK's in the world. However, no AV engine, no spyware engine, no anti-malware engine has ever proven itself 100% effective at stopping ALL infections. There are simply too many vectors for a piece of malicious code to find its way onto your system. This isn't to suggest you shouldn't be running a good desktop security suite, or following good habits and behaviors when online, but realize that even those with the best intentions and most diligent practices can still become the victim of an infection. In fact, according to Bigfoot Interactive, 55% of online users have been infected with spyware. All these defenses, and yet most people will still get a bug in there machine.

The real question for the security industry, and more importantly consumers, is WHAT THEN? Presuming the inevitability of an infection, what can the user do to protect themselves and their privacy when conducting sensitive transactions online. The answer, of course, is SafeCentral. Which is an entirely new class of product we often describe as a "Reverse Sandbox"; designed to safeguard your activities from the intent of malware even if your PC is already an infected cesspool of malware agents.

INFECTION HAPPENS. And just like the bumper sticker suggests, it's how you deal with it that defines you're outlook on the world. When 'Sh*t Happens', keep your head about you and an even, laid-back attitude. When 'Infection Happens', arm yourself with a tool that can protect your identity and your data, so you can face the internet with confidence and that same laid-back attitude, knowing your safe despite the infection.

Our chairman, John Sharp, offered a great explanation of SafeCentral's approach in his blog. Read that, and our whitepaper on the reverse sandbox approach, to learn how to stay safe even when 'infection happens'.

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