Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Reviews SafeCentral

In my line of work, you grow accustomed to product reviews and opinions that either praise or punish the monumental efforts of the company. Most reviews are fair, and most are conducted with integrity and impartiality. However, nothing is more rewarding or satisfying than a review or opinion piece that begins by understanding and validating the fundamental purpose of a product or service correctly. Such is this review from PC's Neil J. Rubenking; which truly 'gets it' with regard to SafeCentral's raison de etre.

We're already working on a few of the small requests noted in this review (Password Manager coming soon!), while the rest of Neil's analysis captures and validates SafeCentral's revolutionary security promise superbly. Please give it a read and share your comments.

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Anonymous said...

I'm currently using SafeCentral under a 30 day trial. I found it as a result of the PcMag review. It performs "as advertised," albeit somewhat slower than Firefox, Exporer 8 Beta, Chrome, or Safari for that matter. From my viewpoint the on line protection is more important than speed. The explanation of how it protects the end user really is inadequate. You really need to tell us more about what you're doing. Strictly from an end user viewpoint, I can't actually tell how secure this browser actually is. I only have your word.

All my passwords are managed by a password manager; most exceed 20 characters in length and none are entered to the keyboard.

With SafeCentral, I entirely lose this ability making manual entry the only means of logging on. I might add that this means I can't use a USB key to store the information securely. I have to print it out first, then enter it manually. PC magazine referred to this issue.

Other than this important issue (for me), the browser appears to be rock solid.

On payment, I don't like autorenewal of my credit card. I hope you'll consider changing this form of payment to the normal one.

Thanks for reading this.