Friday, July 25, 2008

Firstrade Partnership Launches.

The entire SafeCentral team is thrilled to have announced the formal launch of our partnership with Firstrade this week. Firstrade is providing SafeCentral access to Firstrade accounts free of charge, granting their customers the most secure trading environment available in the world. We are proud to partner with Firstrade's consistently top-rated online brokerage, and to work with them to make trading even safer.

This is significant when you consider the unique risks posed by account compromise in the trading markets. After all, the exposure of your credit card or bank account information typically impacts just you, while the compromise of trading credentials can lead to stock price manipulation that could affect millions, and the very fabric of the market. An example of this occurred recently, with the 'pump and dump' scheme executed using stolen credentials from two other trading firms. The resulting $22 Million in losses could have been prevented if users had been using secure browsing tools like SafeCentral.


Anonymous said...

wotquestion for you. If i use someone elses computer can i still use safe central?

Corey O'Donnell said...

Absolutely. Your login identity is portable, so you have access from any PC to which you install the client. We allow 3 installs on a single license, but you can login using a friends computer and retain all of your favorites within the portal etc.