Thursday, April 17, 2008

Launch Day Recap

Wow, what a day.

Fortunately our press release was well-received, which led to a full day discussing SafeCentral's revolutionary approach with press and analysts from across the country. I'm impressed with how quickly people seem to grasp the concept, and how many say they have been waiting for a solution like SafeCentral. Even the most security-conscious and diligent analysts I spoke to said they were going to install SafeCentral for their personal use; which is a reassuring testament to the value of our new service.

Allan Maurer, from TechJournal South, inquired about SafeCentral, offered superb feedback, and had this article up in a flash.

David Utter, from SecurityProNews, has always provided excellent analysis of online security, and took a fresh look at SafeCentral in his recent article.

I'm thrilled to finally have the opportunity to discuss SafeCentral with the public and press, and excited about the opportunities in the days and weeks to come to continue to share our message.

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