Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Key to Everything

There's nothing new in the latest survey findings from Accenture; the repeated use of a single password for all online accounts is human nature; who wants to try to remember 17 different username/password combinations in a world as busy and hectic as the high-tech one we live in today?

Nonetheless, it emphasizes how easy we make it for hackers to gain access to our entire life online. Every mail account, forum, banking site, shopping site, easily accessed with that one 'golden key' of a password we use repeatedly. I admit, even as a member of the 'security community', I often repeat my favorite password, or some derivative thereof, on multiple sites. It's just too hard and time-consuming to come up with 15 passwords I know I'll never remember.

We're working on methods to aggregate your passwords into a single, manageable, and encrypted tool within the SafeCentral experience. There are several very useful, encrypted 'password managers' or 'digital wallet' systems available, (as a frequent Mac user, I use the aptly named Wallet; or Roboform when on my PC) and taking the time to incorporate one into your personal data management routine is a great way to improve your personal security, and still keep critical data at your fingertips. Still, gaining access to these encrypted databases is usually accomplished with one 'golden password'. The best protection remains preventing the interception of your password(s) by using a secure, encrypted browser whenever you log on to financial services. All passwords are only as secure as the number of people who know them; we aim to keep that number to just one - YOU - with SafeCentral.

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