Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finovate 08

Our CTO, Ray Dickenson, was kind enough to send me a live update on today's proceedings at FinovateStartup '08 in San Francisco. Ray and Doug Brunt, our President & CEO, took the stage at 8:00AM to show off SafeCentral. It's really our first public unveiling, so what better than to be first out of the starting gate.

Ray said:

"The software performed well during our demo and Doug did an excellent job as the spokesmodel for SafeCentral.

Authentium was randomly picked to present first thing in the morning. Any concerns I had that the audience would arrive late and not be alert and tuned in for an early start were dismissed when I peered through the curtains before we went on stage and saw about 260 faces alert and ready to see new stuff.

Doug and I performed our patented 5-minute demo that showed me logging into Paypal and getting my credentials and account details stolen. Then we launched SafeCentral. I used the absolute latest build that launches the secure desktop and browser in about 3 seconds. In SafeCentral, I logged in to my Bank of America account, sharing my wife's sitekey with the world. Closing SafeCentral, we showed the blank keylogger screen that is familiar to all of you.

As I mentioned, we are now sitting in the audience watching all the other presentations. In about 15 minutes we adjourn to the hallway where 20 display screens are set up for each presenter to run additional one-on-one demos for attendees.

There's the realtime update for you. More later.

It can be a daunting challenge to attempt to showcase a solution to a problem as complex and multi-faceted as online identity theft in just 5 minutes, but I know Ray and Doug were up to the challenge.

Coverage and Blogs are just starting to come in, including this post from Christophe Langlois. Christophe is one of the most active and respected bloggers in the world of online banking, social media and associated technologies, and there's a wealth of great content over at visible-banking.com.

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